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 Trains                                                       It’s over 14 years since

 You can get a train from Manea Station to                     the first issue of
 Peterborough, Ely, Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich.                 Manea Matters
 With a single change at Ely you can also go to                   was printed and
 Cambridge. Trains run at the following times,                    delivered to every
 Monday to Saturday, towards:                                     household in
 P'borough:  06:20  07:08  09:10  11:09  13:09   Getting About   Manea – many of
                           15:09  17:10  18:26  19:09  21:09   you will remember
 Ely/Ipswich:  07:38  08:16  10:17  12:17  14:17              it arriving on your
                                                            doormat. It was a result of
    16:17  17:45  18:17  20:17  22:12   MANEA              Manea Connect Committee
 Full timetables including times for return journeys are   forming in the spring of that
 displayed at the station. Tickets are currently purchased from   MATTERS   year and creating a ‘newsletter’
 the Guard on the train. This will change as soon as the new ticket machines    with useful contact details and
 (cards only - no cash) are installed. There is currently no Sunday service.  OUR DIAMOND   information about things happening
 Buses                                            in Manea.  The idea being to keep
                                                 everyone informed – and connected i.e.
 There are several number 56 buses a day, Monday to Saturday,   ANNIVERSARY  Bringing the Community Together.  60 issues
 that run into March and Wisbech.            on, we hope we are still achieving this and,
 Times from The Rose & Crown are:  09:02 10:32 12:32 14:32   using the tried and tested adage yet again,
 Return times from March are:   08:34 10:05 12:05 14:05  16:05   proving that Manea Matters!
 and from Wisbech Bus Station:   09:30 11:30 13:30 15:30
 There is currently no Sunday service.
 Community Car Scheme
 Manea Community Car Scheme is operated under the umbrella of
 the County Council and uses volunteer drivers.  If you need to
 make a journey and do not have the use of a car, or are not fit
 enough to access public transport, the scheme may be able to
 help. Journeys need to be booked in advance and are charged
 at 30p per mile, with a minimum charge of £3.00.
 To book or for more information please phone Delia Wakeling
 between 9am and 5pm on 07913 417358.  If there is no reply   ISSUE  ISSUE   ISSUE
 please leave a message and your call will be returned.  1  10               20

 Fenland Association for
 Community Transport (FACT)
 FACT is a not for profit organisation serving Fenland for
 people who have difficulties using conventional transport.
 FACT aims to provide accessible, affordable and safe
 transport services  to local communities. The FACT
 vehicle fleet ranges from minibuses with 12-16 seats,
 which can carry up to four wheelchair users, to cars for
 one wheelchair user/two passengers.  All vehicles are fully
 wheelchair accessible. Groups or individuals must register with   ISSUE  ISSUE  ISSUE
 FACT before using their services. To book or for more information   30  40  50
 please contact FACT on 01354 661234 or email
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