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TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF                                                            Manea                                                   MANEA MATTERS

          BOOTS BRIDGE                                                                    Village Hall

           The junction of the
           B1093 with the B1098                                                            Thursday

                                                                                           2nd May

          he major disruption, which this is causing,   improve visibility.
          is impacting on all Manea residents for   •  To keep disruption to a minimum, additional   HAVE YOUR SAY –
      Tsome time to come so we thought it would   work at the junction with Sixteen Foot Bank   DON’T FORGET
      be helpful to extract the relevant information   will be completed at the same time, including:
      from the County Council’s website. Hopefully,   o   improving signage              TO VOTE
      they will update it regularly. Meanwhile, if one   o   painting of white lines
      of your fellow residents is being adversely   o   cutting down vegetation           Are you aware that the local elections
      affected, please ask if you can help in any way.   o   installation of new high friction grip   are fast approaching? For some of you,
      •  The current concrete bridge deck, which is       surfacing                       this may be the first time you may be
        the top surface of the bridge, was first built in   •  The B1093 between Manea and Wimblington   eligible to vote, so we thought it would     from 7:00am –10:00pm
        1931 and now needs upgrading because it is   will be closed while the work is being carried   be useful to provide a few basics.
        deteriorating.                        out and a diversion via New Road, Chatteris is   Further information can be found on              Manea
      •  Work to reconstruct Boots Bridge began on   in place.                            the Fenland District Council website:
        7th January and is scheduled to last for almost   •  The Stagecoach 56 service will continue to run
        five months.                          via Upwell Road, March to and from Manea.   To vote in a local council election a
      •  The existing bridge deck will be demolished   •  The Sixteen Foot drain will also be closed   person must be:                          Village Hall
        and the abutments, which support the bridge,   for navigation until the new bridge deck is in   •  registered to vote,
        will be reused before the new bridge surface is   place.                          •  18 years or over on Polling Day, and also:
        built.                                                                            •  a British citizen / a qualifying Commonwealth
      •  The new bridge has                                                                citizen / a citizen of the European Union
        been designed to     SKYLARK GARDEN CENTRE                  "Work to              •  resident in the UK.                  (Mon 15th April).  You can download a form
        improve safety  at                                      reconstruct               To register to vote put this address in your   by putting this address into your browser:
        this road junction                                                                browser:
        with Sixteen Foot                                      Boots Bridge               To be able to vote in these upcoming elections   vote/voting-by-post.
        Bank.                                                 began on 7th                you need to be registered at least 12 working   •  By proxy or emergency proxy – sometimes
      •  The new parapets,                                   January and is               days before the vote (12th April). Don’t leave   you know in advance that you are not going
        which  form   a                                                                   it too late. Once registered, you can vote in a   to be able to vote in person and sometimes,
        protective  wall                                       scheduled to               number of ways:-                        an unforeseen emergency can prevent you
        along the edge of a                                 last for almost               •  In person - at your local polling station   attending. In these circumstances you may
        bridge, will see steel                                five months."               •  By post - you need to register for a postal   still be able to vote by using a proxy.  For
        posts and safety                                                                   vote and your application needs to be   more info, put this address into your browser:
        barriers installed to                                                              received by the Electoral Registration Officer
                                                                                           at least 11 working days before the vote   vote/voting-by-proxy

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