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 Progress:  who have not yet been contacted but whose    Darren Hankins (Helen
 memories could make a valuable contribution             Mansfield’s Partner) thought
 There have been numerous contributions   to the project.  THE MANSFIELDS   you would like to know the
 from Manea residents, especially our older     Work continues, albeit slowly, to create the
 members, who have rich memories, and stories   pictorial view of the High Street as it is now and,   OF MANEA  following.
 about people who had been in the village or are   where available, pictures from the past with   Manea School has three
 living amongst us. It is proving to be a challenge   added information. The pictorial view of School   generations of the same family
 to adequately document what they have said.  Lane, East Street and Park Road are next to be   attending:
  There are also many of our ‘older’ residents   created.  •  Helen Mansfield works in the
   Documenting the history of the various                 school kitchen
 business enterprises that have been, or are, in         •  Rachel, her daughter, is a
 the village has started resulting in a number of         full-time teaching assistant
 completed articles. Further articles will               •  Rachel's three children all
 be created from the consolidation of                     attend the school
 comments, and pictures, provided by
 members of the respective families and                  •  Helen's Grandchildren (and
 snippets of information gleaned whilst                   their friends!) affectionately
 talking to Manea people.                                 call her 'Nannie Pudding' as
                                                          she serves their dinners!
 manea  agricultural history where there were            The photo shows all three
  Manea is a rural village with a rich
 numerous farms  and  smallholdings.
 The project has now started to
                                                         generations of the Mansfields at
 ARCHIVE   within the boundary of Manea   WHY NOT SUBMIT
 collect details of how the land
 identifying farms and their
   It is again planned to
 show the information that
 has been collected at this   YOUR OWN ARTICLE –
                              ABOUT YOUR HISTORY WITHIN MANEA
 year’s Manea Gala, on the
 13th July, which is also an   OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU THINK MANEA
 opportunity for members      RESIDENTS WILL BE INTERESTED TO READ
 of  the community  to bring
 along any contributions to the   ABOUT?
 project.                     REMEMBER: If you wish to have an article published in a future
 For further                  edition, please check with us
 information,                 (Dianne or Pete well in advance of
 questions, comments,         the deadline.  Many thanks.
 or offers of help
 "Any pictures of the village in the   please contact Martin   DEADLINE DATES FOR SUMMER & AUTUMN
 Hindry using email:
 past that have not been made   maneaarchive@            th
 available before would be most   ISSUE 62 - SUMMER   (June/July/Aug)  26  April 2019
 welcome"  (preferred) or
 Telephone:   ISSUE 63 - AUTUMN   (Sept/Oct/Nov)    26  July 2019
 01354 680850.

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