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                                                                                                                                                  MANEA MATTERS MATTERS

        Another soil protection measure that we   The sheep graze on the cover crop from which   MANEA                           Sponsorship
      undertake, where possible, is to put a cover crop   they obtain their nutrients, and they return
      on the fields following harvest. This is, however,   nutrients into the land as well as leaving the
      dependent on when the field is harvested and   field clear so as to cut down on mechanical land   STRIKERS                 and Grant
      how long we have prior to the next crop being   preparation.  All in all, it’s a ‘win-win’ situation.
      drilled or planted.  Cover crops are planted to   As a company, Allpress Farms are dedicated
      benefit the soil in a number of ways, including   to doing what we can to protect our soils, water   anea Strikers U/9s Clarets pictured
      the management of soil erosion, soil fertility   and environment.  We will continue to do this   with manager Simon Millward and
      and quality, and water retention.  Once the   through the establishment of trials such as   Massistant manager Scott MacNeil
      cover crop is established, we bring in the sheep!   those mentioned above, and we are always on   with  Liz  Polley of  Polley Motorsport, Manea,
      A local sheep farmer brings his flock to the farm   the look-out for innovative farming techniques   who sponsored the new playing kit.
      and they are let loose in the field containing the   and ideas.                    Manea Strikers U/11s pictured with Ellie
      cover crop (fenced in for their own protection).                                   Buckton from Cambridgeshire Care Network
                                        “As a company, Allpress Farms                    and also Jonathan Hawes from Westfield Farms
                                                                                         Manea Ltd who sponsored the training tops.
                                       are dedicated to doing what we                      Many thanks to Ellie Buckton from the
                                   can to protect our soils, water and                   Cambridgeshire Care Network for organising
                                                            environment.”                the grant received through the Healthy Fenland
                                                                                         Team. The  grant was used  towards  training
                                                                                         equipment consisting of balls, bibs, cones,   We also currently have training
                                                                                         water bottles and also training tops for the new   sessions for girls and boys in
                                                                                         U/9s Claret team.                       Reception and Year 1 with a
                                                                                           Any children interested in joining any of   view to starting an U/7 or U/8
                                                                                         our teams at U/9, U/11 and U/14 in the first   side next season. If you are
                                                                                         instance please contact Tim Clifford as below.  interested, please contact Tim.
                                                                                                                   Tim Clifford
                                                                                                    01354 680696/ 07946 815232

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