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 DEVILSTICK  who would venture into a conflict zone, and   of the local  towns you may hear

       would perform for no money.  Devilstick Peat
                                            some laughter and discover
 Peat     Indeed, Pete has returned several times to   Celtic Harp.  Please reach out and
        answered the request and made the trip.
                                            Devilstick Peat performing on his
            help heal the wounds at Beslan; utilising
                                            spend a few minutes providing
              his skills to raise a smile, make people
                                            moral support, wide smiles
               laugh, and allow a world of magic to
                                            and give generously as this will
                   Today Devilstick Peat is
                                            comes around'.
                 a regular feature in various   ensure that 'what goes around,
                                             “There is a self-
 THE STORY      Pete back  for over  20 years.    declared Village
                 summer festivals, some inviting
               Wintertime is where busking in Ely,
             Huntingdon, Cambridge and other  Idiot called
 BEHIND THE JESTER  local towns takes more prominence.
            Children's parties, teaching juggling   'Devilstick Peat'
            and conducting workshops are other  in Manea.”
 here is a self-declared  Village   he busked and performed
 Idiot called 'Devilstick Peat'   for  a  living,  moving  activities that engage Pete. Pete is
 Tin  Manea,  making  other  onto France, Italy and   especially proud to have written a
 nominees rest easy with this role now   Greece, before eventually   paper on 'Parachute Games' that
 being taken.  Pete has been busking and   returning to the UK after 4   relates to refugees that several UNICEF
 performing with magic tricks, juggling and, of   years.  departments adopted as part of their
 course, the Devilstick for over 33 years.  In the Russian town   approach to support children in danger
 It all started at Glastonbury when Pete was   of Beslan, in September   around the world.
 impressed with the Circus Jesters, thought this   2004, terrorists stormed   Devilstick Peat refers to a Fool's
 would make a great career, and purchased some   a local school holding more   Apprentice as a 'Zany'.  Pete moved into
 juggling  equipment  at  the  event.    A  mountain   than 1,100 children, parents   Manea with a wife and four children about
 in Wales was then the ideal retreat in order to   and teachers hostage for 3   3 years ago.  He has taken responsibility
 learn how to juggle and prepare his routine.    days.  The siege ended in a   to take his children under his tutelage,
 Prior to this dramatic move Pete had been a   bloodbath with 334 deaths,   therefore, they are 'Zanies'.  His wife
 Boy Soldier since leaving school, found it hard   of which 186 were children.    seems to have escaped this tutelage   Devilstick
 to adjust to Civvy Street when leaving the   The children paid the heaviest   so it can be assumed she is 'sane'.
 Armed Services and had taken a few dead-  price, with many more children   However, a baby is due in the   Peat with
 end jobs.    suffering  various  degrees  Devilstick Peat household in   Nogard,
 Devilstick Peat found tremendous joy   of injury.  The physical and   March.  Best wishes go to all the   his dragon
 from making people, especially children,   psychological  scars  run   family as another Zany is to   puppet
 giggle, laugh and smile.  Unfortunately   deep in Beslan.  A   be born making one fool, five
 the  first  summer  passed  and  it  got   UK  agent  was  zanies  and  a wife  under  one
 cold.  Pete decided to follow the sun.    asked to contact a   roof.
 Therefore, he went to Spain where   'Clown' who was mad,   When shopping in  one

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