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                                                  Follow us on Facebook -
                                                             @Fenland PPG                  Community First
                                                      Surgery Telephone                    Responders

                                                 Manea 01354 680774
                                                               Doddington                  TRAINING UPDATE
     FENLAND                                                01354 740311                 WCPR          training  event!
                                                                                                 hat an amazing turn
                                                                                                 out we had to our
                                                           01354 740986
     GROUP                                                 01487 710980                  We  had  25  attendees  and,  it
                                                                                         was particularly lovely to have
                                                                                         some  younger  members  of  the
     PRACTICE                                              “We encourage patients        community taking part.
                                                                                            Over the course of 2 hours
                                                                                         everyone learnt the basic steps to
                                                         to influence the continuing
     PATIENTS’                                           available from the Fenland      identify and respond to a Cardiac   “It was
                                                                                         Arrest.  We covered the theory and
                                                         development and services
                                                                                         then practiced on resuscitation
     PARTICIPATION                                      and to attend meetings.          manikins provided by the British   particularly
                                                         Group Practice. All patients
                                                                                                                        lovely to have
                                                                                         Heart Foundation.  Everyone was
                                                        are invited to join the group
                                                                                                                        some younger
                                                                                         very  enthusiastic  and  all were
     GROUP                                           speakers on topics such as          shown how to use a defibrillator.    members of
                                                                                            Because of diary clashes for
                                                 acupuncture,  depression,  tinnitus     interested parties, I hope to run   the community
                                             and first aid training. These meetings are   another  training  event  later  in   take part.”
                                              also an opportunity to discuss new ideas   the spring.  Look out for further
                                              and obtain feedback from patients.”        updates in the next edition of MM,   Charlemont
                                                 Remember to follow us on Facebook       on Social Media and noticeboards
                                               and see the noticeboards in the three     in the village.
                                               surgeries to keep up to date with all     Many thank
                                                the news.                                Lisa Eves, Community First Responder
      Chairman Jill Tuck                                                                                        I have had a number of parishioners express an interest in
      01354 742388                                                                                              applying to train as a CFR and I look forward to welcoming
      Vice Chairman                                                                                             new responders over the next few months.  The more we
      Jaqui Fairfax                                                                                             have the more coverage we can give!  If you feel able to
      07977 450602                                                                                              devote a few hours a month as a Community First Responder
      Secretary Pennie Atkin                                                                                    please give me a call on 01354 688188 to discuss.
      01354 742951

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