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        Community First                     most important things you could ever do for       he situation is critical!  Someone has   about their role of providing initial support before
                                                                                              collapsed in front of you and they are not
                                                                                                                                the ambulance arrives.  Given my recent worries I
                                            another person.  The training will take place
        Responders –                        on Wednesday 12th December 7.00pm at the     Tbreathing.  You think you know what to do,   thought right - I am going to train to do this!
                                            Royal British Legion and will be led by a trainer
                                                                                         breathing and chest compressions right?  Aargh...
                                                                                                                                  Well, what an amazing journey it has been and
        update                              from the Ambulance Service.  Please try  and   but what comes first, how many of each and where   what a brilliant group of people.  Once accepted
                                                                                         exactly am I meant to be pressing?
                                                                                                                                     you complete a Level 3 Ambulance Service
                                            let me know if you are planning to attend
         Defibrillators                     (688188) or message me but feel free to just   I  asked  myself  two  years  ago  when   Community First Responder course.
                                                                                            These are just a few of the questions
                                                                                                                                      The training is magnificent.  My course
                                            pop along if you are able.
                                                                  Go Manea....
         & Training                              Lisa Eves – Community First Responder   someone I love suddenly went into            was held over 5 days (weekends) and
                                                                                                                                      alongside 20 other volunteers I learnt how
                                                                                         cardiac arrest.  Luckily, that person lived
                                                                                         in a city close to a hospital and help       to respond to many different situations
          hose of you who are eagle-                                                     arrived quickly.  This is unfortunately      including Cardiac Arrest, Choking, Diabetic
          eyed will have spotted                                                         not as likely when you live in a rural           Episodes and Anaphylactic Shock.
     Tsome new additions to our                                                          location.                                             I am now responding in Manea
     village that look like this:                                                           This was my wake up                               but at present am the only
        These   are   Automated                                                          call to do something and                              CFR.  We really need other
     External Defibrillators (AEDs)                                                      shortly afterwards I heard                            CFRs who are willing to be on
     and they save lives.  It is                                                         a   presentation  from                                 standby a few hours a week.
     proven that effective CPR and                                                       two   Community  First                                 If you are interested please
     prompt access to a defibrillator                                                    Responders (CFRs) who                                  contact me on 688188 and
     significantly  improves  the                                                           spoke passionately                                   I will be delighted to talk to
     chances of survival if someone                                                                                                               you about this role.
     goes into Cardiac Arrest (their heart stops).                     Charlemont Drr                                                              Lisa Eves -Community
     Anyone can use these in an emergency by                                                                                                            First Responder
     following the voice prompts and don’t worry;
     you cannot shock anyone by accident!  Access
     is via the Ambulance Service so when you
     call 999 they will direct you to the nearest                                         "The
     defibrillator and give you the code.                                                 situation
        Thanks to the sterling work of our previous
     Community First Responder (CFR)- Jason                                               is critical!
     Doherty, the village has been able to purchase                                       We need
     three additional defibrillators.  In addition                                        other
     the football team have kindly made their
     defibrillator accessible to all.                                                     CFRs who
        This is an amazing achievement for our                                            are willing
     village and we have been supported by Tesco,                     Village Hall        to be on
     Metalcraft (Chatteris), our lovely Manea Gala                                                            Community First
     Team  and  the  Parish  Council  to  make  these                                     standby a
     purchases.                                                     Rose & Crown          few hours
        I am delighted to announce that we are                                            a week"
     going to run a training course for anyone who          Fire Station                                      Responders
     wants to learn, or refresh their knowledge                          Pavilion
     on giving CPR.  This is  seriously one of the

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