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      Moving to Manea
        Sidney and Grace had four daughters,   “Phillip was also an inventor,
      Josie, Margaret ,Elizabeth and Angela.   designing a horse powered vehicle -
      They moved to Park House in the village  the horsicle - and a vertical windmill.”
      and set up the farming company SM
      Guy Ltd which is still running today.
      SM Guy employed several local people
      and after the death of Matthew and
      Emily, Doretha House was rented to
      one of the farm employees, as was ‘The

 THE GUYS’                                        overseas for six years. During this time
                                                    In 2010 Chris and I left Manea to work

 Family History                                   Guy’s Farm was rented out.

                                                  Back to Guy’s Farm again!
                                                    Since 2016 Chris and I have been
                                                  living in Manea again. In the spring of
 by Caroline Barnes                               2018 we decided to refurbish Guy’s
                                                  Farm and reopen it as a holiday let. We
                                                  opened in November 2018, receiving
 SM Guy and Building    Cissie, Lillian, Arthur, Sidney, Emily and Dorothea   our first guests in December. One of the
 Doretha House  (who  the house  was named after).  Matthew   Josie (sitting next to Sid in the photo) trained   unique features of the house, apart from the
 Those of you who use the playing field may have   borrowed  £750 from the bank to build the house   as a maths teacher. In 1960 Josie married Phillip   peaceful location, which many people crave
 noticed the name on the gate: SM Guy Memorial   and an outside toilet was added in 1958. The   Barnes, initially living in Whittlesey and later   in their busy lives, is the family history of the
 Playing Field. But who was he? SM Guy (Sidney   photo above was taken in the early 1960s.  moving to Manea to run SM Guy after Sidney’s   house which is displayed on our history wall.
 Matthew) was a local farmer who built his   In 1932 Sidney Guy married Grace Wymark   death. Phillip was also an inventor, designing   To find out more about this new chapter in the
 farming business mainly within the potato trade   and moved into the house next door (now The   a horse powered vehicle - the horsicle - and a   life  of  Guy’s  Farm  take  a  look  at  our  website:
 in the 50s where his company was one of the   Hummingbirds).  As Sidney was a landowner and   vertical windmill. Phillip and Josie had four children,
 first to pre-pack potatoes in the plastic bags we   farmer he was unable to join the forces during   Christopher, Andrew, Catherine and Edward.
 all see too much of today!   the war but served in the Home Guard (right hand
 side of the back row in the photo).
  “In 1912 they built Doretha   Back to Doretha House –
 House (now Guy’s Farm) on   now Guy’s Farm.
        Chris and I got married in 1986 and after living
 the fen in Wisbech Road.”  in  Peterborough  returned  to  live  in  Dorothea

 Sidney was the eldest son of Matthew and   House, which we renamed Guy’s Farm. We
 Emily Guy. In 1912 they built Doretha House   refurbished  the  house, adding  central  heating
 (now Guy’s Farm) on the fen in Wisbech Road. It   and redecorated throughout. We raised two sons
 was surrounded by 22 acres of land, which they   (Matthew and Oliver) and ran two businesses
 farmed and on which they kept chickens.   from the house; the farming company SM Guy Ltd
 The couple had six children (front left to right)   and a fancy-dress shop called Abracadabra.

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