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 UKPN –   permanently fastened to a pole under the line   New Year
                                                                  Make a
 and immediately relay a message to our Control
 Centre whenever a fault occurs ‘downstream’
 UPDATE   of them. By installing a number along a circuit,   resolution
 together with a similar (but portable) unit which
 can e.g. be deployed for a few days, we will be
 able to narrow down affected locations much
 FOR 2018  more quickly.                            to connect with
 Information from these will be used in
 conjunction with other devices installed two
 years ago that give more general network                            YOUR
 ver the summer months UK Power   activity data. This is dependent upon crop   community!
 Networks have carried out further   sowing locations, flight paths and feeding
 Orebuilding of some sections of overhead   grounds, which can change year  to year.  The   "Care Network is a local charity
 line network, using the covered conductor   overriding objective being to reduce and
 again. This time the work has been to the south   eventually stop the number of birds such as   that puts people at the heart of
 east of Manea, across the Hundred Foot Drain   swans and geese being harmed by hitting the   everything it does"
 in the Pymore area, which is on the flight path   overhead lines and to stop the power outages
 into the wetland areas and to the north around   that occur as a result.    ew  Year  resolutions  shouldn’t  be  so   with their communities.
 Welney, for the same reason.  UK Power Networks continues to take this   difficult that we give up on them even   Do you know an older person or an adult with
 To help determine future work locations are   matter very seriously  and we are  pleased to   Nbefore the Christmas decorations come   a disability who needs a little extra help to stay
 targeted for the best effect we are starting   report that the supply reliability data available   down; making small consistent changes can be   independent at home, is looking to socialise
 to install a number of new Fault Passage   from before and after the work carried out so   the key to success.   more or wants to find out what support is
 Indicators as per the photos.  These are   far, shows improvements.   Many of us use this time of year to reflect on   available locally? Perhaps you have an idea to
      our own self-improvement, so here’s a thought:    set up a local community group but need advice
      by becoming more involved in your community   to get it up and running.
 "The data will   you can help to make it a stronger, better place   Care Network can help, so do just get in
 be continually   to live for everyone. Why not try developing   touch, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.
 monitored, and   your skills and wellbeing through helping or   Take that first step to a New Year, New You
 performance over   connecting with others?   today - it could be the start of something more.
 the winter period   Care Network is a local charity that puts people   For information on accessing services or
 will be used to   at the heart of everything it does. Volunteers   volunteering with Care Network take a look at
 formulate future   offer practical support and information to help or call 01954 211
 work throughout   people stay healthy, independent and in touch   919.

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