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If you go for a walk around the Pit, you may spot a Chicken of the Woods – one very large example confirmed by Fen Fun Guy, Jonathan Revett (P7 & P8). Worth reading, as it could save your life! Or why not just sit back and look at the sky during the evening, if the weather holds – very relaxing and educational (P9 & P10). Have your heartstrings pulled, if you’re a dog lover (P18), check out the new fruit labels in the Orchard (P 16) and read all about the Manea United Strikers (P21 & P22). These are just a few examples of things to read in this issue – hopefully, something for everyone. (We said we would be launching a Readers’ Comments section in this issue – sorry to disappoint but we didn’t receive any!)

It was lovely to meet so many of you on our stand at the Gala. To receive such positive feedback was very reassuring and we have taken on board your constructive comments. Thank you to those of you who volunteered to help deliver future issues – it’s really appreciated. The silent auction for the Manea Gala plate raised £20 towards printing costs. All in all, worth frying in the sun for!

Finally, Carl Napper has stood down as our designer. Our sincere thanks go to Carl for doing such an amazing job in transforming the appearance of our village 'newsletter' and our very best wishes to him, and his partner Jo (who was Secretary on the Committee), for the future.

Dianne Rowe & Pete Townrow

Co-Chairs, Manea Connect Committee

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