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In these very uncertain political times for the United Kingdom, you can rely on Manea Matters to keep you posted – at least about what's going on in Manea!

We are looking back this Spring, to celebrate the Manea families of years gone by – the Guys and the Mansfields. Manea Archive celebrates the history of Manea in each issue and Martin would like readers to contribute to the Archive with their own family histories.

Allpress's article entitled Environmentally Friendly Fertiliser is a fascinating read and the featured sheep are known on the farm as 'environmentally friendly lawnmowers'!

We are so grateful to Allpress Farms for sponsoring Manea Matters again for the last four issues. In April there is an opportunity for you to bring about changes in Manea too. If you are old enough to vote, don't forget the Parish Council elections on Thursday 2nd May.

Please check out P22 to see how to vote and please make sure you use your vote wisely. If you are considering standing for election as a Manea Parish Councillor, an Elections & Land Charges Team Leader at Fenland Hall (01354 622383) can offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

Finally, no doubt you have spotted the new speed signs in the village. Please aim to see a GREEN smiley face as the idea is to make drivers cut down on speeding and dangerous driving – especially along the main road through the village.

Dianne Rowe & Pete Townrow

Co-Chairs, Manea Connect Committee

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