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Whilst writing the weather is entirely unpredictable so we hope it has settled down by the time Issue 58 lands on your mats and there are numerous butterflies brightening our gardens and around the Pit.

Issue 57 received some very positive feedback so thank you to those of you who took the time to contact us. We love to hear how articles have been received, so in issue 59 we would like to launch a Readers’ Comments section i.e. your opportunity to comment on / reinforce / recall an anecdote. Please send your comments to the Chairs’.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy reading about people’s memories of Manea, the 10th Anniversary of Manea Allotments, the fundraising exploits of Mary Beeston and the explanation about the workings of an anaerobic digester! We are delighted to announce thatAllpress Farms are continuing with their sponsorship of Manea Matters – in fact they have trebled their contribution for the forthcoming year. We are very grateful to Nick Allpress and his fellow Directors and it is excellent to have their continuing support. We really appreciate their genuine enthusiasm in producing an interesting article for each issue. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone involved.

Finally, another BIG THANK YOU to Bethy Booth and Saffron Covill who have both recently resigned from Manea Connect Committee for different personal reasons. We are really grateful for their hard work and commitment over the years.

Dianne Rowe & Pete Townrow

Co-Chairs, Manea Connect Committee

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